Tuesday, October 2, 2012


If you are non-violent, it does not mean you comply with oppression. You simply reject violence as a tool to resist oppression. To be submissive to the despot makes you weaker by day. Non-violence as a strategy requires strength and intelligence, immense faith and personal commitment.
Gandhi has grown superior with non-violence as strategy against powerful and violent oppressor. Deep and wise, brave and rebellious – this great human has turned all his life into one of the most powerful messages that this civilization has ever witnessed. He struggled for humanity, peace, and freedom at the price of his own life. And - prevailed.
You don’t need a gun to fight a gunman. You don’t need an army to defeat one.
All you need is faith and courage. I keep repeating that to myself. And - it works

Xhabir Deralla
President of CIVIL – Center for Freedom

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